At Victory Outreach Manchester we have dedicated much of our efforts towards seeing young adults and teens develop. We have innovative strategies that reach the young people in today’s challenged environment.

While many parents today have given up on guiding their children because the peer group pull is so strong, Victory Outreach Manchester has risen to this challenge with strategies that work : Gods Anointed Now Generation. The G.A.N.G. reach a divers group of youth from urban to church youth and grant them a unified focus.

The youth of Victory Outreach are highly committed to evangelism, bible study, and prayer. The zeal of these youths attracts other youths and motivates even the most seasoned church member.


Mission Trips

Youth from all over Victory Outreach attend large mission trips such as the “Mission Frankfurt.” Hitting cities all over the Uk and European , this evangelist crusade has produced a multitude commitments to Christ.


Conventions and Conferences

The raw energy of Victory Outreach Youth Conventions keeps the most casual observer on the edge of their chair. Multimedia presentations, thumping music, and cutting-edge speakers highlight these unique events attended by 5,000 thrilled teens.


Passion for Purity & Pure Courage

Purity pledges are an important component of the youths ministries. Teens make a commitment to remain sexually pure and to live in a culture of dignity and respect. Surprisingly, even youth who have been sexually active in the past, readily renew their position to abstain until marriage. A purity ring and plaque are provided as a memoriam.

Leadership Development

The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow so to prepare youths for the responsibilities that lay ahead, leadership development is central to the Victory Outreach Youth Ministry. The name “God’s Anointed Now Generation” exemplifies this by challenging young adults and teens to develop their leadership potential now. Youths develop a sense of urgency to prepare for the future by making positive steps today.

Victory Outreach highly values the potential of young people and invests considerable time and resources to ensure the quality and effectiveness of this ministry.IMG_1914